EOS Integrator Experience

Chamber of Commerce - Leadership Team

  • VTO Planning - Quarterly Check-ins
  • Role Development and Accountability Chart
  • Level 10 Meetings - IDS
  • Created and Oversaw documentation process
  • Rolled Out "What the heck is EOS" and worked with implementation with Staff

Interior Design Client

  • Level 10 Meetings - IDS
  • Oversaw documentation process
  • Created Several Processes
  • Oversaw the. creation and implementation of Google Drive for the whole business and employees
  • Helped CEO with rocks
  • Helped staff with their rocks
  • Managed personal and company rocks
  • Supported a Marketing Coordinator position

Personal Entrepreneurial Efforts

  • USE VTO for goal setting and alignment
  • Use a variation of Level 10 meeting with clients
  • Implement a version of Level 10 for Fractional COO clients
  • Have a process documentation process
  • Have quarterly checking and reviews
  • Have several copies of Traction to giveaway to clients
  • Refer Traction to Coaching Clients
  • Versed in " Rocket Fuel"
  • Versed in "Process!"