EOS Integrator

From Vision to Implementation

The EOS Integrator Service equips businesses with the leadership and strategic framework necessary to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) effectively. Tailored for businesses seeking to harmonize their vision with operational execution, this service focuses on aligning the leadership team, establishing clear accountability channels, and ensuring the entire organization is moving in the same direction. Key activities include facilitating EOS tool implementation, streamlining communication between the leadership team and the rest of the organization, and driving the adoption of EOS principles across all levels of the company.

Key Components

  • Leadership Team Cohesion
  • EOS Process Implementation and Management
  • Accountability Systems
  • Strategic Vision Alignment
  • Process Optimization


  • EOS Implementation Plan: Custom strategy for integrating EOS tools and processes within the business.
  • Leadership Team Alignment Sessions: Regularly scheduled sessions to ensure the leadership team is cohesive, aligned, and effectively implementing EOS principles.
  • Accountability Chart Creation: Assistance in developing a clear organizational structure that defines roles and responsibilities, enhancing accountability.
  • Quarterly Strategic Review: Facilitated sessions to review progress, address issues, and plan for the next quarter, ensuring continuous alignment with the EOS model.
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance: Continuous support for the CEO and leadership team, including EOS process refinement and problem-solving.


  • Ensures effective implementation of the EOS model to drive business growth and operational excellence.
  • Enhances leadership team cohesion and ensures alignment with the company's strategic vision.
  • Establishes clear accountability and communication structures, improving organizational efficiency.
  • Supports the CEO and leadership team in strategic decision-making, fostering a culture of discipline and execution.

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EOS Integrator

Supportive Leadership: Joshua Monge, the founder of Think Adapt Build LLC, leverages his economic development expertise and passion for business growth to serve as a transformative EOS Implementer for startups and growth-stage companies.

Empowering Success: Dedicated to strategic foresight and adaptability, Joshua guides businesses toward sustainable success, making him an invaluable partner for achieving long-term objectives.

Joshua Monge


Initial Setup Fee: A one-time fee of $5,000 for the development of a tailored EOS implementation plan and initial leadership alignment sessions.

Monthly Retainer: $2,500 monthly for ongoing support, strategic review sessions, and leadership coaching, with a minimum commitment of 6 months to ensure effective EOS integration and execution.