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CEO Late Hours

Business Owners Compensation & Value Building

By Joshua Monge | Jul 15, 2024
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This article is starting a conversation on small business owners’ compensation and how they should frame their mindset for compensation. For the article, I’m equating the CEO of a small business as the same as the business owner and will use the words interchangeably. I also define small business owners as those ranging from solopreneurs…

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Business Made Simple Week 1

Business Made Simple: Week 1

By Joshua Monge | Jun 21, 2024
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This week, our Business Accountability Group had its first meeting. It was fast, super quick, and rewarding. In 30 minutes, we accounted for the first week of daily tasks in the book, which were mostly reflections and mindset thoughts. Two points really resonated with me: Why I started this group A few reasons. As a…

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Business exit plan and transfer

Preparing Your Business Exit Strategy Plan – Business Operations Book

By Joshua Monge | Mar 13, 2024
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Transformations Witnessed and Fostered In a previous role as an Economic Development professional, I witnessed businesses close within the community. I recognized the void each closure created—not just for the owners but for the community. This realization was bolstered by encounters with a business broker who demonstrated the potential to save businesses by proactively finding…

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Business man pointing the direction for the elephant he is riding to jump in the air

Jumping Elephants

By Joshua Monge | Feb 9, 2024
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(A Parable of Unwieldy Operations) Once upon a time, in the vast plains of the business world, there lived a wise and seasoned entrepreneur named Arion. Arion was known far and wide for his innovative thinking and his ability to turn the most cumbersome of operations into agile, thriving ventures. Yet, even Arion faced his…

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Goal Setting for 2024

New Year. New Goals. Here’s a Guide:

By Joshua Monge | Jan 5, 2024
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As the calendar turns, it’s not just about celebrating a new year; it’s about seizing opportunities and setting a course for success. For ambitious businesses, the dawn of a new year is the ideal moment to chart a path forward with clarity and precision. Whether you’re a startup ready to scale or an established business…

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5 Quick Operations Improvements

5 Quick Operations Improvements to Get More Time Back

By Joshua Monge | Nov 30, 2023
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In today’s fast-paced business world, efficiency is key. As an Operations Consultant, I’ve seen firsthand how small changes can lead to significant time savings. Here are five quick improvements you can implement in your operations to get more time back: Implementing these five improvements can streamline your operations, reduce time wastage, and improve productivity. Remember,…

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Business Growth Image showing consultant moving business to rapid growth

Navigating Business Growth: The Pivotal Role of Consulting in Achieving Accelerated Success

By Joshua Monge | Oct 28, 2023
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From Foundational Growth to Elevated Expansion: A Visual Exploration The graph accompanying this post illustrates a critical journey in business development, emphasizing the transformative impact of strategic consulting on growth trajectories. Line A: The Initial Growth Trajectory Line A represents the initial phase of business growth. It’s the common starting point for many enterprises, characterized…

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Image of a person at a raod crossing with an option to go back analogy of operational progress

Progress and Operations Management: A Lesson from C.S. Lewis

By Joshua Monge | Oct 25, 2023
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In a fast-paced world dominated by innovation and rapid growth, “progress” is often touted as the ultimate objective. Every organization seeks to advance, grow, and lead the pack. However, C.S. Lewis, a renowned author and philosopher, offers a reflective perspective on true progress. His words, “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong…

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Image of a screen showing KPIS and metrics

Empowering Change Through Data: Overcoming Insufficient Metrics

By Joshua Monge | Sep 24, 2023
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In the ever-evolving business landscape, data is the compass that guides decision-making and process optimization. However, there are times when a formidable challenge surfaces: “Insufficient Data and Metrics.” This blog post will dive into this challenge, explore its intricacies, and offer practical solutions. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a checklist to identify and address this…

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