Jumping Elephants

(A Parable of Unwieldy Operations)

Business man pointing the direction for the elephant he is riding to jump in the air

Once upon a time, in the vast plains of the business world, there lived a wise and seasoned entrepreneur named Arion. Arion was known far and wide for his innovative thinking and his ability to turn the most cumbersome of operations into agile, thriving ventures. Yet, even Arion faced his greatest challenge yet—a massive, unwieldy elephant named Operatio.

Operatio was no ordinary elephant; he was the embodiment of Arion’s business operations. Mighty and powerful, yet slow to move and difficult to direct. Many had tried to harness Operatio’s strength, only to find themselves bogged down by his sheer size and inertia. The more they pushed and pulled, the more stubborn and immovable Operatio became, trampling profits and opportunities underfoot in his confusion and disarray.

Arion, however, was not deterred. He knew that within Operatio’s formidable frame lay untapped potential, a force that, if properly guided, could propel them to unprecedented heights. So, he set about devising a plan, not with force, but with foresight and strategy.

First, Arion spent days observing Operatio, learning his rhythms and understanding his strengths and weaknesses. He realized that to make Operatio jump, he first needed to make him believe it was possible. Arion began to cast a vision, speaking to Operatio of the vast savannas they could explore and the heights they could reach together. Where others saw a lumbering beast, Arion saw a majestic creature poised for greatness.

Next, Arion implemented a series of small, incremental changes. He introduced new processes and systems gradually, aligning them with Operatio’s natural movements. He celebrated each small victory, building Operatio’s confidence and agility. With each step, Operatio began to move faster, responding more keenly to Arion’s guidance.

But the true test came when they approached the great chasm that had thwarted many before them. The RIft of Scaling, was too wide for any ordinary leap, especially for an elephant. The onlookers doubted, scoffing at the notion that such a heavy-set enterprise could ever make it across. Yet, Arion remained unfazed. He had prepared for this moment, instilling in Operatio not just the belief but the capability to achieve the impossible.

With a calm and steady voice, Arion directed Operatio towards the edge. Then, with a burst of speed that took everyone by surprise, Operatio charged forward. At the very brink, Arion gave the command, and Operatio, with a powerful thrust of his legs, leaped across the chasm, landing gracefully on the other side. The crowd gasped in awe as Arion and Operatio emerged victorious, a testament to the power of vision, planning, and belief.

From that day on, Arion’s tale of the jumping elephant became a legend, a parable for businesses far and wide. It taught that no operation, no matter how unwieldy, is beyond transformation. With solid planning, visionary leadership, and a belief in the potential of one’s endeavors, even the most cumbersome of enterprises can soar to new heights, just like an elephant making a leap across the vast chasm of the business world.

And so, through the story of Arion and Operatio, the essence of Think Adapt Build LLC was perfectly captured, embodying the belief that with the right guidance, every business, no matter how complex, can achieve the agility and grace of an elephant in flight.

If your business operations feel like an unyielding elephant that needs to jump a few hurdles, drop me a line, and let’s see what we can do.