Emotional Intelligence by Brandon Goleman

Emotional intelligence is a newer concept or idea to explain how to measure and quantify emotional aptitude. It’s the “emotions” version of intelligence. It’s not just about leveraging and applying this insight for yourself and others. It can explain why some people have a way with other folks that seems so fluid and natural. It also explains why some people seem to be as cool as a cucumber in any situation.

Awareness and Application

I became aware of this concept ten years ago when I read a business book about working with people. The author suggests the readers work on their emotional intelligence. Fast forward to 2021; another book referred me to explore Emotional Intelligence and “The Emotional Intelligence” by Brandon Goleman.

I am naturally an empathic person and enjoy people’s simplicity and complexities. It’s not that I like everyone, but I respect individuals and the uniqueness of their existence. I’ve always been in a place where I need to navigate projects with others, so understanding how emotions can influence these relationships has helped me. I’ve also had the chance to process some of my emotional facets and make some adjustments.

Ultimately, understanding, appreciation, and allowance for individuals are very important because we live in a society with others. We need people to make society work, and with that, we have to make room for all the complexity of being around other people.

Critical Takeaways for “The Emotional Intelligence”:

Emotional intelligence is one of the components needed to work well with others. It takes a knowledge of your emotions and those of others into consideration. It starts with an understanding that we are all emotional beings and having a framework to navigate these emotions is extremely important. In the last five years, I have seen more emphasis on recognizing individuals’ unique contributions to almost every aspect of life. By identifying the individual, we have to make room for their “version of the world.” With this inclusive diversity, we have to understand how emotions may impact these dynamics. Just as not everyone has the same experiences as others, some have different emotional reactions to the same experience. This book can provide you with a framework for exploring Emotional Intelligence.

Topics covered:

  • The roles of emotions in life to the individual and humanity
  • Personal Competencies
  • Social Competencies
  • Understanding Emotional drain and energy vampires
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence at Home

Brandon Goleman is an author that has written a few books on emotional intelligence, empathy, and other social dynamics that people should be aware of to improve themselves.

Recommendation for “The Emotional Intelligence

The book reads like a quick and easy guide to Emotional Intelligence. If you need a framework of understanding and want to work through some of the concepts covered in the book, it has some clear and simple exercises. It’s very pragmatic and easy to read and follow. You can finish the book in under an hour.

I recommend the book for people who want a basic handle on the subject, have a few exercises to practice, and leverage this to improve an aspect of their life. It’s simple and easy to read, and the price and time are worth it.