Fractional COO
Chief Operating Officer

Part Time Operations Executive

Your operations need a steady plan and a steady hand to get your processes in order or the CEO needs someone to help them execute their vision.

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SOP Process

How some clients have benefited from a Fractional COO

Local Spa

Currently working with an owner to help retain customers and employees, improve revenue through process documentation, and create an Operation Binder.

Results: The owner feels there is some clarity already in process. The staff is excited to solidify some spontaneous elements of the business.

Sales Support Company

Currently working with a CEO a small leadership team, and ten staff. We troubleshot several key business challenges and created visual workflows. We identified areas to fix, standardize, and add control points.

Results: We have freed up about 3 hours a week for the staff and CEO. This time is used to expand services and offerings and acquire new clients.

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Business Clarity

Clearly define who does what and how your business performs its day-to-day tasks.

CEO / Visionary Support (Integrator) 

If you are a visionary, you need an integrator to organize and implement your ideas.  You can also yet new ideas to discover the best course forward. Think "concreting your abstracts."

Standardize Worklfow

The key to scaling is creating processes and workflows that can be repeated. This requires processes and documentation that can be communicated to new staff easily and efficiently.

Operations Ideation and Vetting

Sometimes you need a seasoned consultant to discuss product options, staffing changes, financial challenges, business improvements., and much more.

Process Documentation

One source for business needs, questions, and how-tos. Together we can create one source of truth for you and your team to all row in the same direction.

Strategic Planning

You brought your business to a place where you need some additional support to get to the next phase of business. Your gut got you here, leverage my experience and insights to help you get to the next level of business.

Core Offerings of the Fractional COO service

User Guide

Operations Manual

Your business needs an operations manual to help organize and manage the day-to-day operations, show it to potential investors, or allow you to scale your business. It's how your business runs in a written format.

Meeting and having a conversation

Operating Systems

Your business works with you at the helm, managing every facet of the company. You need to add positional hierarchy, communication systems, goal settings, priority classification, and more to get the business to run more efficiently.

CEO Support Coaching and Training

CEO Support

You have a proven idea, and the business is at a pivot point. You need to start bringing people on to take over elements, or you have a team but have a project you need some additional C-level support. We can help.

What is a Fractional COO?

A Fractional COO is a part-time Chief Operating officer that helps with operational strategy and implementation, focusing on process development and standardization. The key to this engagement is assessing the business needs, prioritizing short-term needs and long-term goal setting, and creating deliverables that allow for business growth.

Elements in include:

  • Evaluate current operations; vision and execution, data, processes, position and job roles, communication, and capacity.
  • Prioritize elements that need to be documented, created, implemented, or improved.
  • Goal setting and communicating key objectives with critical results, accountability, and processes to ensure goals are achieved.
  • Formalize successful elements of the business, identifying gaps in the business operations, establish priorities, and clear communication.
  • We standardize key positions/roles with clear job descriptions, responsibilities, and clarity in defining success in any position.
  • We document and standardize processes and procedures from client acquisition to product/service delivery.
  • Work closely with the CEO to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
  • Create a process for internal communication, problem identification, and resolution, and empower the team to solve common issues.
  • Contingency planning; identify critical areas and vulnerabilities that would impede the business's operations in the short or long run.

How does a Fractional COO work?

A fractional COO works closely with the CEO to evaluate the current operations, identify gaps and operational elements that are working, prioritize the development of missing pieces, and improve existing processes, all to help the business gain traction toward goals. This engagement will help businesses grow and be in a place to scale.


COO Integrator image people putting puzzle together

COO Integrator

As part of the EOS System, the Integrator's role is to help facilitate the implementation of business processes to help the team reach its goals. We turn your annual goals into quarterly goals and straightforward to-dos. We track and implement to-dos.

Operations Group Meeting on Zoom

Working Meetings

We meet with leaders and staff to document processes and provide feedback. We have an agenda and transparent process for meetings to Identify challenges, troubleshoot solutions, and follow up on to-dos.

SOP Process

Process Visualization

We create clear visuals of workflows and identify processes, delays, gaps, and needed control points. We have clear lanes for accountability. These maps turn into time, cost, and quality analysis sheets.

How to get started

  • Schedule a Free 30-minute consultation.
  • We can talk through your needs and some options.

Joshua's Operational Experience

Joshua Monge
  • Two years as a Quality Assurance Technologist in the corporate office of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Four years as an On-Premise Manager for a staffing agency at a Manufacturing Facility, managing a temporary labor pool of over 200 employees.
  • Three years as a Chamber of Commerce Executive as the Director of Economic Development, helping over 100 businesses stay and grow within the city.
  • Twelve years as an entrepreneur, helping small business owners develop and achieve marketing objectives.
  • Successfully built a six-figure business in 18 months through transparent processes, documentation, and standardizing workflow.
  • Currently a Fractional COO for 3 clients in various industries.

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