Joshua Monge

Joshua Monge


Joshua Monge has over 20 years of professional work experience in various industries, including Food & Beverage Service, Finance, Manufacturing, and Marketing, in multiple capacities.

As the Director of Economic Development for the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, Joshua worked with local businesses to identify common challenges and align and coordinate local resources to meet the local business community's needs while preserving local community values.

Joshua builds and leverages relationships with industry partners cultivated through local business-friendly programs, initiatives, and events to achieve positive results. He is experienced in managing formal efforts for Business Retention and Expansion. His work often brings him close contact with the City of Eugene and the various regional agencies supporting the Economic Development Ecosystem. He is committed to helping the community realize its potential. Joshua has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a passion for building efficient, productive networks and meeting multifaceted goals.

When not cultivating the economic ecosystem, he tends to his permaculture garden, refines his culinary skills, and enjoys playing games with friends and family.

Joshua Monge



Working with Joshua is like collaborating with a good friend.  His easygoing manner, partnered with his knowledge and experience, made the project a pleasurable experience.
Thanks for doing business your way!
Sharon Musgrove

Joshua Monge’s refreshing approach provided us with a detailed explanation of our website’s performance and pitfalls and included us in every step of the website optimization process. We have increased our traffic overall in a very short amount of time and most importantly gained major traction in attracting the traffic most relevant to our business plan. We are very happy with the improvements we’ve been able to gain as well as the internal knowledge that we now have about SEO thanks to CTG’s dedicated service and coaching.”

Kim Forrest

Joshua is an incredible wealth of information regarding SEO and fine-tuning the back end of one's website. As a business owner who primarily sells online and struggles to meet a business's everyday activities and needs, Joshua helped me to see things I didn't even know were important. I strongly recommend him and his services to help you improve your SEO, it's been a sound, solid investment for me.

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