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Watering can for growth

Case Study 1

Streamlining Complexity for Business Efficiency

Initial Challenge

The CEO of an interior design firm was managing a successful business that nearly generated $1 million in annual revenue. Despite this success, the CEO worked 70 hours a week, overwhelmed by the complexity of her duties and the demands of managing multiple projects. This workload led to errors in order tracking, miscommunications with clients, and some disorganization that hindered the firm’s potential for growth.

Engaging a Solution

In search of a solution to streamline her business processes, the CEO contacted Think Adapt Build LLC, specialists in organizational efficiency. The engagement began with assessing the existing business processes and identifying areas where improvements could be made to enhance overall efficiency and reduce errors.

Strategy Implementation

The main strategy involved detailed process mapping, starting with client intake and moving through project completion. This exercise was designed to clarify roles and responsibilities within the firm. Think Adapt Build LLC facilitated regular meetings to review these processes, making adjustments as needed to ensure clarity and effectiveness. These sessions were crucial for understanding and optimizing the business's workflow.

Overcoming Challenges

The process mapping revealed several inefficiencies, such as overlapping responsibilities and unclear task assignments. Many initial obstacles were addressed by methodically assigning tasks and clarifying the order of operations. A significant change was the realization that a full-time administrative assistant could take over many routine tasks, allowing the CEO and her designer to focus on core business activities.

Results and Impact

The addition of a full-time admin dramatically improved the operational flow. This role took over approximately 30 hours per week of work previously handled by higher-cost staff, freeing them to concentrate on revenue-generating activities. The CEO’s work hours were significantly reduced, allowing her to spend more time on strategic growth and personal pursuits.

Sustained Improvement

The changes led to noticeable improvements in client service delivery and internal operations. The CEO now experiences less stress and greater satisfaction with her business operations. The firm continues to refine its processes under the guidance of Think Adapt Build LLC, ensuring ongoing improvements and sustainable growth.

Continued Partnership

The CEO values the ongoing relationship with Think Adapt Build LLC, which acts as a fractional COO, continually providing insights and support as the business evolves. This partnership ensures that the firm remains adaptable and efficient in an ever-changing market.

Client Background

    • Industry: Interior design
    • Company Size: Nearly $1 million in annual revenue
    • Team Composition: Part-time designer/project manager, part-time contract admin
  1. Challenges
    • High workload: Owner working approximately 70 hours per week
    • Process inefficiencies: Difficulties in order tracking and task delegation
    • Communication breakdowns: Misplaced notes and order mistakes
  2. Objectives
    • Document and clarify business processes
    • Reduce operational inefficiencies and errors
    • Free up the owner’s time for strategic tasks and personal well-being
  3. Solutions Provided
    • Regular strategy and review meetings with the CEO
    • Process mapping key business operations
    • Leadership development and empowerment
    • Problem resolution discussions
  4. Implementation
    • Engagement began with structured meetings and process reviews
    • Gradual involvement with the broader team to foster an environment of clarity and continuous improvement
  5. Results
    • Identification of 35 hours per week of administrative tasks that could be reassigned
    • Hiring a full-time admin to handle these tasks frees up the CEO and junior designer for higher-value activities.
    • Significant improvement in operational efficiency and reduction in the CEO’s work hours
  6. Client Feedback
    • While specific quotes are not yet available, the CEO's satisfaction with the new admin and the operational improvements is evident.
    • The CEO appreciates the time saved and the reduction in stress
  7. Long-Term Impact
    • Continued commitment to process documentation
    • Job descriptions derived from process maps to enhance clarity and accountability
    • Exploration of new business investments to further increase productivity and revenue
  8. Lessons Learned and Next Steps
    • Key Takeaways: Importance of visualizing processes as a foundation for business growth; the necessity of a new perspective for the client to make informed decisions
    • Future Engagement: Ongoing role as a Fractional COO to continue supporting business improvements

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