You might be looking for my SEO services. I created a website to manage that series of products. It’s called Waymaker SEO. I created this other website to be a brand on its own because I have developed a series of processes that are their own thing.

If you want someone with a business consulting and operations-focused background, I would be a good fit for your SEO needs.

Search Engine Optimization is a highly competitive market saturated with providers that promise various results, special deals, and magic recipes.

I’m not that kind of provider. I focus on the data and help people decide what they can do to better connect with potential clients already searching for their products and services. It’s about data and hard work.

How I delve into work: I am a work-with-you provider. I show you what needs to be done and teach you the basic mechanics so you can manage your website at some point, carrying the work we did together forward.

If you want to talk SEO, please schedule a time to speak. Here is my Calendar.